How Strange You Bear A Resemblance To This Character In My Story…

















“How have both the people in your life and your own personal experiences impacted your writing? Do you ever base characters off of people you know?”

Heck yes.

I sometimes even write stories about them. For example, last year in Creative Writing Class (awesome, right?) I wrote a pathetic story about Justin Bieber and his minions kidnapping my teacher and making her work for them in their drug dealership. (Don’t even try to argue, it stinks, which is why I recycled it.)

I also have another story I really like about me and shonti where we assume our false aliases and wreak havoc. It’s quite a good story, and very fun to write, too.

And there are a few others where I write about my family (there’s one about my mom the giraffe who hates mush and opens a cooking restaurant for example) that are really fun to write because usually I can poke fun at them and they don’t mind because I’m kidding. That’s what I did for Christmas presents last year. They were fabulous.

Not many personal experiences of mine have found a way into my stories, mostly because my brain comes up with much better things, like for example, “once upon a time there was a duct tape man and he was evil because he crept into people’s homes and tied them up with duct tape” and yes, I came up with that on the spot.

Wow, this prompt is actually really hard, John. I don’t mind much though because it’s making me think and that’s probably a good thing over summer break.

Sometimes when I write, I mix a bunch of people I know together and get an entirely new person, which is a lot of fun and I really like doing that. Plus, they don’t know you’re writing about them (which is sometimes a good thing.) (And sometimes a bad thing.) Obviously, you’d tell them if you wanted them to know though.

Sometimes I even use people I know’s names. This is usually because I really like their names, although sometimes it’s not. *cue evil laughter* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Not many experiences (because usually I want to go where my characters go, although not in the case of Fluffy the Frog. By the way, his life stank. I kind of killed off his wife and family, but it’s okay because he got Lord Voldemort to reincarnate her.)

But lots of people, I guess that’s the way I like it.

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This post is about….

Hey. Let’s say it all together.



(If that yay is red, it’s because it apparently doesn’t want to change.)

So anyways, I mean, all of you who go to public school are starting around now, so I thought I would, um, express my thoughts on this seven and a half hours, five days a week, place.

First off, I must say that I started on August 6th, so while I have a little sympathy for you, I really don’t feel too bad. Sorry, but you’re getting a little, and that’s it.

Item 1: Teachers. Are your teachers nice? Most of mine are. I like most of them, and they’re great and everything, but our Language Arts teacher gives us WAY too much homework. I know they’re “preparing us for high school and beyond”. I get it. But this is the first weekend we haven’t had homework in it. Sad. My other teachers aren’t too bad. Math, well, you came to expect it, because it’s a new lesson pretty much everyday (except for quiz days)

Item 2: Schedule. We have exactly three minutes of passing time, and irritatingly, it takes a moment to pack up, then you have to go to your locker and blah blah blah. I’ll spare the details.

Item 3: Backpacks. Question. Do any of you have “no backpack” rules at your school? Because I want to hear about it. Our language arts teacher (who just keeps popping up in this post!) instigated it. She informed us that we were not allowed to have our backpacks in the classrooom, as they were, and I quote: “A distraction and safety hazard to learning.” This was met by our class thinking, Wait, what? We can’t have our backpacks? What? Why? But I need my backpack! At least, that seems like what we were all thinking, judging by our facial expressions. Then, two days later, the middle school teachers decided that the no backpacks rule was to be implemented in all the classrooms. I shall stop talking now and let you imagine the horror.

Item 4: Homework.

Enough said.

Item 5: Lockers. My locker is teenier that it seemed last year, somehow. Not sure why. I think it’s because of the backpack rule, and the fact that I have a binder for pretty much every subject and they’re 1 1/2 inch or inch. And we also have to fit in lunchboxes, gym clothes, etc, etc.

I think this is enough ranting about my school, so here are some questions.

Do you agree/disagree/not really care about the above comments?


And most importantly,

are you even looking forward to going back to school?

Happy Holidays!! And Birthdays!

My Swedish Goats!! (Technically, they're not mine, but who cares?)

So, here’s some things. Merry Christmas!!! Happy Hanukkah!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! And Happy New Year!

In spirit of Christmas, I thought I would put a poll on this post.

Oh, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow. Her birthday was good. We made stuffed dogs. They’re cute.


Happy Birthday, Sis, Mrs. Abbott, Next door neighbor and Uncle!!! (Don't worry. They're not all on the same day)














I was listening to the radio on the way to school on Friday. The host people on the radio were talking about this apparently hilarious video that was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t know if any of you watch that. I don’t. So, I thought to myself, Hmmm. That actually sounds good! So I YouTubed it.

IT’S HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought, well, you might like to watch it too. So, without further ado……

After watching that video, (Yes, I do want you to watch that) Your brain must be dead. I suppose I’ll stop. See you later.

Thanks for listening. tomte