How Strange You Bear A Resemblance To This Character In My Story…

















“How have both the people in your life and your own personal experiences impacted your writing? Do you ever base characters off of people you know?”

Heck yes.

I sometimes even write stories about them. For example, last year in Creative Writing Class (awesome, right?) I wrote a pathetic story about Justin Bieber and his minions kidnapping my teacher and making her work for them in their drug dealership. (Don’t even try to argue, it stinks, which is why I recycled it.)

I also have another story I really like about me and shonti where we assume our false aliases and wreak havoc. It’s quite a good story, and very fun to write, too.

And there are a few others where I write about my family (there’s one about my mom the giraffe who hates mush and opens a cooking restaurant for example) that are really fun to write because usually I can poke fun at them and they don’t mind because I’m kidding. That’s what I did for Christmas presents last year. They were fabulous.

Not many personal experiences of mine have found a way into my stories, mostly because my brain comes up with much better things, like for example, “once upon a time there was a duct tape man and he was evil because he crept into people’s homes and tied them up with duct tape” and yes, I came up with that on the spot.

Wow, this prompt is actually really hard, John. I don’t mind much though because it’s making me think and that’s probably a good thing over summer break.

Sometimes when I write, I mix a bunch of people I know together and get an entirely new person, which is a lot of fun and I really like doing that. Plus, they don’t know you’re writing about them (which is sometimes a good thing.) (And sometimes a bad thing.) Obviously, you’d tell them if you wanted them to know though.

Sometimes I even use people I know’s names. This is usually because I really like their names, although sometimes it’s not. *cue evil laughter* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Not many experiences (because usually I want to go where my characters go, although not in the case of Fluffy the Frog. By the way, his life stank. I kind of killed off his wife and family, but it’s okay because he got Lord Voldemort to reincarnate her.)

But lots of people, I guess that’s the way I like it.

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I wish I was normal…..but then-what IS normal (Part 1)

Obviously, they are lying. Naughty, naughty family…

Okay. So the purpose of this post today is to find out what is *normal*. Let me give you my family example first. Dad: Works all day doing something with medicine and computers. Mom: Works in the morning and yells at kids in the afternoon. Me: Goes to school all day then comes home and does nothing but homework till bedtime. Sister: Not even going to start on her. But, goes to school all day then bugs me while I do homework (which I’m using her Mr. Sketch markers for, the nice big 18-pack and she looks at them and doesn’t even notice, ha!) Dog: Barks at everything and has some *ninny* problems……Fish: Swims around in his tank all day and looks for the fish flakes when it’s time I feed him. He may be the only normal one in this family!

Let’s start with the *NORMAL* sister.

I would wear this. They come in all sorts of colors, you can personalize it……but I’m not paying 20 bucks for that.

“Dear God, My sister is annoying. Give me the mental capabilities to withstand her never-ending sermons and the strength to pinch her if I get too fed up with it. Thanks, your loyal servant Bob.

So, this is my ideal sister. She is cute and small and little. When your friends come over, they coo over her instead of running away in terror. When you’re doing homework, she goes and plays Barbies in HER room, not a shared room. She likes to follow you around but never gets in the way. You actually like to babysit for her . She is a little annoying sometimes, but she makes up for it.

This is the adorable, *NORMAL* little sister….

But wait! This sure looks like the end of the post, yes? But it’s not! This post comes in six parts! So be watching for the next post……the *NORMAL* big brother. Plus, be sure to vote on my polls too!