The Sad Story Of Fluffy The Frog: Book #1

In Creative Writing in school last week, yours truly wrote a book that is surpassing all expectation. This book? None other than….

The Sad Story Of Fluffy The Frog.

I’ve decided to tell you about it, one, because I totally love it, two, because I want to hear what you think about it, and three, a good many of you are doing NaNoWriMo, so you’ll enjoy this.

So here goes. Because I can’t find out how to scan the pages onto the computer, (such a smarty-pants I am), I’ve just redrawn the pictures in Microsoft Word and uploaded them here. I hope you love it to pieces!

Title: The Sad Story of Fluffy The Frog.

Page 1: One day Fluffy was sitting outside in the rain.

Page 2: Then a lightning bolt hit him and he died.

The end!



I’m so sadistic, cruel and uncaring, yes, I know.

P.S. It’s a trilogy, so that means there’s two more to come! Mwahahaha! >:)

So what did you think? Please let me know! I MUST HEAR YOUR REACTION! 🙂

The 2012 Election: I Actually Cared About It!

I’m quite proud of myself. I actually cared about the U.S. presidential election this year. Nevermind that I still can’t vote, nevermind I can’t even be a poll watcher, nevermind that I can’t run for office for about ANYTHING, but who cares? I cared about the election!

On Election Day, I was super excited. We are learning about this stuff in Social Studies, so that might be partially why I was so excited, but I’ll have to wait another two presidential cycles before I have anything to say about it. But meh. Whatever. I desperately wanted to ask every adult with  one of those uber amazing “I Voted!” little red stickers, “Hey….who did you vote for?” But unfortunately for me, that is not my job, and plus I’d probably get in serious trouble for it.

I was quite decided about everything. Everything, that is, except the one that really matters: who should be president?

I really don’t want to get too in depth in politics, and I know many people who could totally do that. So here’s just a few things about what I think: (me, not anybody else.) 

  • I’m a supporter of rights. Etc, I support gay rights, I support treating women + men the same, equalist, feminist, etc.
  • I also think we need to focus on clean energy and the environment.
  • Sorry rich people, but you do need to be taxed more because, well, you make more. (According to me.)
  • Also, we should cut military spending.

So, like I said above, I really don’t think either of the candidates, Romney or Obama is quite right for our country. However, I agree with one thing that Mitt Romney agrees on, according to this test. I agreed with a few more things with Obama, but what surprised me is that I agreed with everything, but one with Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. She seemed okay, except for she looked somewhat strange-ish so I thought, ummmm…..

So that’s why I support Barack Obama….more. I was quite happy he won. Although, now at school I’m facing some interesting fights about why Mitt Romney should have won.

Actually, now that I think about it, two other people in my grade, let’s call them Bob and Bobbina, were both heavily supporting Romney. It was because of different reasons, but they both agreed Romney should be president.

My social studies teacher had three posters about the election. One on Obama, one on Romney, and one projecting the electoral votes. Bob and Bobbina both really wanted that Romney poster, so after the election, they worked out a custody agreement for the Romney poster.

My first reaction was, How strange! And then, how weird!

We also had a mock election in class, too. We were voting on a Senate seat and a House seat for the national congress. We also voted on the president and the two amendments that were proposed for the voters to vote on, the Marriage Amendment and the Photo ID Amendment. (You all can learn about those if you Google Search “minnesota ___________ amendment”. )

Mitt Romney won. I really don’t remember who won the other offices, and frankly, I actually don’t care that much. The Photo ID Amendment was no-ed by a majority, and the Marriage Amendment was a tie. Evidently we only had thirty people who voted on that.

As a final thought to lead you off tonight, in 2008 I was excited that Barack Obama won. I just liked him. (Remember, I was pretty young.) So I made a trivia PowerPoint full of quiz questions about him. I even had Obama clip art.

So that’s my election. How was yours?

P.S. I’m also quite proud of myself as I have set a goal for myself that each of my posts should be nice and long. I have started off on the right foot, writing 648 words. I’m quite proud of myself. 😀

*Disclaimer: This post is about what I think, not anybody else. So no haters, please.Thank you!*

Halloween Is Over, NaNoWriMo Is Here

*Thankfully, I’m nowhere near Hurricane Sandy, so I am still here with all of my power and blogging capabilities. *

Yesterday was Halloween, and it was fun. Today is NaNoWriMo, and that’s fun too!

Halloween was pretty good for me, except for the fact that it’s probably my last year actually dressing up and getting candy, instead of giving candy. Which stinks.I was a painter, so I had a bucket and a paint stick and brush and hat, and it was cool!

I also got a load of candy, and the exciting news there is that I actually like most of it this year, so that was great and now I get to keep most of it….mwa hahaha….

Some more exciting news is that NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, please tell me you’ve heard of it) started today, and a lot of the bloggers I follow/read/etc have been pretty excited about it. Hey, I would be too, except for the fact that I’m not doing it.

Wait. What did tomte say?

Yes, I’m not doing it this year. Although, I am seriously considering doing it next year. But anyways, NaNo is a really cool thing, and so is YWP. I really like it. But I’m not doing it. (Really.)

NaNo is where you write a novel in thirty days, but I can write a novel in about ten years, so if I do it next year, it’s sure to be an interesting challenge. Maybe I’ll start with YWP, just to gain some experience. I really have no clue what I’m doing, so luckily it’s somewhat normal if I totally crash and burn.

But back to reality.

I find NaNo quite interesting, purely from a teenager’s view. I mean, it is somewhat crazy to think that you could write a novel in thirty days, but at the same time it seems lucridiously fun. I like the wordcount widgets, I like the website, I like pretty much everything about it.

As a matter of fact, I joined a while ago so that I would be ready for next year. My name is fuzzysockgirl, if you want to add me.

I’m quite excited for you guys. I’ve heard a lot about the novels you plan on writing/writing a second book. It seems quite exciting.(Did I say that already?)

So I hope you had a good Halloween, and happy NaNoWriMo to you NanoWriMoers! (Hmm, that sounds like a type of lawn mowers. I’ll just call you NaNo’s from now on.)