Spring brings housecleaning!!! And to do that, I’ve decided that this blog needs a new name. But, I have tried fruitlessly to think of a name, and it’s just not happening. So, I need suggestions from you all. So, if you have any ideas, leave a comment below.

Also, I’ve decided that Wednesday will be forever know as Wacky Question Wednesday. Basically, in English, that means that every Wednesday I will have a wacky question posted. (Hint: If you subscribe, you’ll instantly be able to reply to the question as soon as it’s published!) That will start THIS Wednesday. So stay tuned! I have got an absolutlely brilliant question to kick it off ( if I do say so myself)

And April TCWT blog. chain is just around the corner. Naturally, I have signed up, so do that if you haven’t already.

How to pull an all-nighter

So, I bet you can’t guess what this post is about!

This was inspired by my most recent sleepover, and I set a personal record for “latest stayed up EVER” which was 2 am. However it was more like 3 am because the next day it was the time change and blah blah blah. So, without further ado…..

How to pull an All-Nighter

  • So, first it must be said, you can’t stay up that late if you just sit in a sleeping bag and talk. So…
  • you’ll need a very carbonated drink!!!For example, coffee, Coke, soda with caffeine….
  • Now, there are two ways to “wake up”. First,
  • you can repeatedly splash extremely cold water on your face, OR
  • every 2 hours or so just get up and dance around like a hooligan. Which is, admittedly, fun.
  • You’ll need some fun stuff to do.
  • Truth or dare. Find some question
  • Board games.
  • Movies.
  • Chubby Bunny!!!!
  • Relay races
  • Pillow fights
  • For girls, really, but do blind makeovers……..and take lots of pictures!
  • EAT JUNK FOOD!!!!!!
  • Prank calls, if you’re brave enough……(Interesting to be called at 12 am…)
  • Flashlight tag
  • Make up a song!
  • Video games
  • MASH

If you do feel inspired to pull an all-nighter, let me know by leaving a comment below!

An interview with a bumblebee

This post is for the TCWT Blog Chain!

This month’s prompt is: Conduct a 10 question interview with one of your characters.

So, I have been bad recently and not been quality posts. (sorry) But, hopefully this one is here, and I’ve got an interesting post coming soon!

I am conducting this interview with a bumblebee, who was one my characters in a choose-your-own-adventures book.

Me: Hi, what’s your name?

BB: My name is it’s bumble bee.

Me: oh, okay. So you were in my story. Did you like that?

BB: I htought it was a cool story. Except there were too many ways to die.

Me: Oh, sorry, But that’s what happens. What was your favorite part of the story?

BB: My favorite part was when the two people died and I didn’t! I wasn’t even in that part!! (falls on floor laughing) gasp, gasp. Do you have any water?

Me. Yes. Here. Now, who would you reccomend this book to?

BB: I would reccomend this to anyone who likes to die (falls on floor laughing again)

Me: Do you have a laughing problem or something?!?!?!

BB: No.

Me: Oh. Okay. Now, tell me a little about yourself.

BB: Well, I was born on a Wednesday, and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. I had thirty brothers and sisters. Their names were: Marcy, Ben, Bob, Harry, Suzie, Leather, Fluffernugget, Boot, Honey—–

Me: Shut up!

BB: Patricia, Boondoggle, Kevin, Daisy—-

Me: Does anyone have duct tape?????

(awkward noises)

Me: Now, you can take the tape off. As long as you answer my questions. What do you think I should write about next?

BB: OMG!!! I know this!! I should totally go deep sea diving and get eaten by a great white shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Ooookay??? Now, where do you live?

BB: Are you a stalker? I live in a leaf house. It looks pretty awesome.

Me: That’s cool! But why do you have a leafhouse? I thought bumblebees live in honeycombs.

BB: No, that’s just all the stupid bees with no brain. All the rich bees live in leaf houses.

Me: Oh, now it makes sense! Now, for another question. You know, we’re running out of time. They have a time limit on these things, you know. What is your greatest ambition in life?

BB: Oh, that’s easy! I want to move to Hawaii and have a family reunion. It would be great.

Me: That sounds–


Me: And our time is up!! Goodbye!!!

BB: It was fun talking to you!!

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