January TCWT Blog Chain!!

I feel so proud to have this on my blog! I don't know why, but I am.

Here starts January’s TCWT Blog Chain!!!!

This month’s topic–What are examples of books you’ve thrown across the room with force? Why did you throw them?

Okay. I honestly have never thrown a book across the room, partly because I read a lot at school and I would most likely get in trouble, and partly because they weren’t awful enough. However, I have come close!!

Here’s my first example—The Giver. (I wrote about this on my book blog. See the review here It’s a little embarrassing, I wrote it when I was an uneducated blogger.) So, at first, I was like, Oh, this is a good book, blah blah blah. Then I got to the middle and I started disliking it. Then I got to the end and yes, I was ready to throw it across the room. But I didn’t.

2—-The Postcard. This one was lame. It was supposed to be a mystery. But it stank. You could totally tell they were copying someone’s idea. It sounded like 1,000 other mysteries I have read. I wasn’t ready to throw this one across the room, but I was really dissappointed. After all, I did pay 10.00 for it. What a rip off, and what’s worse was, the time I finished reading it the book fair was gone!!! (I got it at the book fair.) So let this be a lesson to you, never buy anything from book fairs unless you are completely, entirely sure you want it.

3—–The Yearling. I soooo do totally not like this book!!! It’s sooo sad!!! The mom kills the poor, defenseless, little, darling deer!!! I was depressed after I read this. I think it was a present. Anyways, it’s also still on my book shelf waiting for me to stop being so pathetic so I can finish it (No, I didn’t finish it.) Okay. Enough said.

So……those are my takes on 3, in my opinion really bad books.

Like what you see? It might be the prompt. Or it might be me. You pick.

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Little Kid Shows

Well, we are supposed to be watching a t.v. show right now. And we are. But it’s one of the little kid shows that makes you wonder about the people who made that show….. Well, my sister likes it. But she is a little kid. So she doesn’t count. Let’s count why I don’t like these shows.

1. Bad animation. People with weird facial features, example bushy eyebrows. Strange looking people. OH, IT MAKES ME SOOOO ANGRY!!!!!! Okay, I just HAD to get that out of my system. Also, the show I am “watching” has people who the only teeth that they have is a triangle-shaped buck tooth that sticks out of their mouth. It is really unattractive and it is bugging me.

2. Cheesy plot lines. It seems the same thing always happens, which is that the main characters, which apparently they’re called heroes. I don’t think they are heroes. But according to the creators, they are. Well, what happens is that the characters get into trouble. They are about to die or have something bad happen when a character who you never see again saves them. Then they all live happily ever after until the next adventure.

3. When the main character, I am going to use Mickey Mouse Clubhouse here as an example. When the character asks you, like, What goes here??? this always bugs me. It looks so weird!!! What do the parents of the kids who like these shows think??????? When I am forced to watch these shows I like to give the characters weird answers and see them say, Yep, that’s right, it’s the yellow one!!! or whatever they say.

So, that is my opinion on little kid shows.

*Disclaimer*: Yes, I know it seems biased. But I am not giving the facts. I am giving my lovely, very own opinion. And you CAN, and might, disagree with me. I don’t care. And that is my disclaimer.