I wish I was normal…..but then-what IS normal (Part 1)

Obviously, they are lying. Naughty, naughty family…

Okay. So the purpose of this post today is to find out what is *normal*. Let me give you my family example first. Dad: Works all day doing something with medicine and computers. Mom: Works in the morning and yells at kids in the afternoon. Me: Goes to school all day then comes home and does nothing but homework till bedtime. Sister: Not even going to start on her. But, goes to school all day then bugs me while I do homework (which I’m using her Mr. Sketch markers for, the nice big 18-pack and she looks at them and doesn’t even notice, ha!) Dog: Barks at everything and has some *ninny* problems……Fish: Swims around in his tank all day and looks for the fish flakes when it’s time I feed him. He may be the only normal one in this family!

Let’s start with the *NORMAL* sister.

I would wear this. They come in all sorts of colors, you can personalize it……but I’m not paying 20 bucks for that.

“Dear God, My sister is annoying. Give me the mental capabilities to withstand her never-ending sermons and the strength to pinch her if I get too fed up with it. Thanks, your loyal servant Bob.

So, this is my ideal sister. She is cute and small and little. When your friends come over, they coo over her instead of running away in terror. When you’re doing homework, she goes and plays Barbies in HER room, not a shared room. She likes to follow you around but never gets in the way. You actually like to babysit for her . She is a little annoying sometimes, but she makes up for it.

This is the adorable, *NORMAL* little sister….

But wait! This sure looks like the end of the post, yes? But it’s not! This post comes in six parts! So be watching for the next post……the *NORMAL* big brother. Plus, be sure to vote on my polls too!

Happy Holidays!! And Birthdays!

My Swedish Goats!! (Technically, they're not mine, but who cares?)

So, here’s some things. Merry Christmas!!! Happy Hanukkah!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! And Happy New Year!

In spirit of Christmas, I thought I would put a poll on this post.

Oh, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow. Her birthday was good. We made stuffed dogs. They’re cute.


Happy Birthday, Sis, Mrs. Abbott, Next door neighbor and Uncle!!! (Don't worry. They're not all on the same day)














I was listening to the radio on the way to school on Friday. The host people on the radio were talking about this apparently hilarious video that was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t know if any of you watch that. I don’t. So, I thought to myself, Hmmm. That actually sounds good! So I YouTubed it.

IT’S HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought, well, you might like to watch it too. So, without further ado……

After watching that video, (Yes, I do want you to watch that) Your brain must be dead. I suppose I’ll stop. See you later.

Thanks for listening. tomte