Sometimes My Brain Scares Me….

I was all prepared to write you people a GREAT post today, to celebrate my return to the blogosphere.



But then, as if my brain was controlled by the Imperius Curse… opened Paint.

And proceeded to make this.


















I mean, seriously. I have no idea where on the good green earth this came from.

Sometimes, my brain scares me.

And I think I’ll…erm…go think of some actual post ideas now.


The 2012 Election: I Actually Cared About It!

I’m quite proud of myself. I actually cared about the U.S. presidential election this year. Nevermind that I still can’t vote, nevermind I can’t even be a poll watcher, nevermind that I can’t run for office for about ANYTHING, but who cares? I cared about the election!

On Election Day, I was super excited. We are learning about this stuff in Social Studies, so that might be partially why I was so excited, but I’ll have to wait another two presidential cycles before I have anything to say about it. But meh. Whatever. I desperately wanted to ask every adult with  one of those uber amazing “I Voted!” little red stickers, “Hey….who did you vote for?” But unfortunately for me, that is not my job, and plus I’d probably get in serious trouble for it.

I was quite decided about everything. Everything, that is, except the one that really matters: who should be president?

I really don’t want to get too in depth in politics, and I know many people who could totally do that. So here’s just a few things about what I think: (me, not anybody else.) 

  • I’m a supporter of rights. Etc, I support gay rights, I support treating women + men the same, equalist, feminist, etc.
  • I also think we need to focus on clean energy and the environment.
  • Sorry rich people, but you do need to be taxed more because, well, you make more. (According to me.)
  • Also, we should cut military spending.

So, like I said above, I really don’t think either of the candidates, Romney or Obama is quite right for our country. However, I agree with one thing that Mitt Romney agrees on, according to this test. I agreed with a few more things with Obama, but what surprised me is that I agreed with everything, but one with Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. She seemed okay, except for she looked somewhat strange-ish so I thought, ummmm…..

So that’s why I support Barack Obama….more. I was quite happy he won. Although, now at school I’m facing some interesting fights about why Mitt Romney should have won.

Actually, now that I think about it, two other people in my grade, let’s call them Bob and Bobbina, were both heavily supporting Romney. It was because of different reasons, but they both agreed Romney should be president.

My social studies teacher had three posters about the election. One on Obama, one on Romney, and one projecting the electoral votes. Bob and Bobbina both really wanted that Romney poster, so after the election, they worked out a custody agreement for the Romney poster.

My first reaction was, How strange! And then, how weird!

We also had a mock election in class, too. We were voting on a Senate seat and a House seat for the national congress. We also voted on the president and the two amendments that were proposed for the voters to vote on, the Marriage Amendment and the Photo ID Amendment. (You all can learn about those if you Google Search “minnesota ___________ amendment”. )

Mitt Romney won. I really don’t remember who won the other offices, and frankly, I actually don’t care that much. The Photo ID Amendment was no-ed by a majority, and the Marriage Amendment was a tie. Evidently we only had thirty people who voted on that.

As a final thought to lead you off tonight, in 2008 I was excited that Barack Obama won. I just liked him. (Remember, I was pretty young.) So I made a trivia PowerPoint full of quiz questions about him. I even had Obama clip art.

So that’s my election. How was yours?

P.S. I’m also quite proud of myself as I have set a goal for myself that each of my posts should be nice and long. I have started off on the right foot, writing 648 words. I’m quite proud of myself. 😀

*Disclaimer: This post is about what I think, not anybody else. So no haters, please.Thank you!*

Dress Up As Junk

You may be wondering about this post’s title. It was inspired by a




It was inspired by a search.

So this post has been devoted on how to dress up like junk.

The first thing that you need are some clothes that you can toss after you dress up like junk.
I suggest the oldest, rattiest thing that you own, or any member of your family owns.

Then, go junk-hunting inside your house. Some good places to looks are:
-Trash and recycling
-miscellaneous drawer or whatever it is
-the garage
-the basement

Then, you’ll want to find some tape. I recommend duct tape or packaging tape.

Now, this is the fun part! You can take all of your junk and tape it to the clothes. Tape it everywhere!

It will look awesomely disgusting when you’re done, hopefully. I have never tried this yet, but sooner or later I will.

Now, put on your junk clothes! Model them, for your friends and family. They’ll love it or be totally grossed out, I’m not sure which.

I should also mention that this would be a great Halloween costume. Or for any dress-up for that matter. However, this may smell after a few days-especially if you have used garbage or recycling in your junk costume. Because of this, I recommend using it as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind junk costume!

Sorry about the spider interruption, but it is true. Perhaps the spider could go on my junk costume.

Now: If anyone wants to take credit for that search………..

Free Awesome Club Post!


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Every single person living on planet Earth right now has something they absolutely, positively, can’t stand. For me, there’s a pretty long list of things, but to save space on this post I won’t list them. If you really must know, ask me in the comments or something. So, here is a handy-dandy re-usable rant that you can easy-peasy print and fill out!

I, __________, do not like _________________. I really don’t like this at all, I mean, seriously. What is the POINT of this? Why was it INVENTED? WHY, WHY, WHY? Do you like it? (ignore all responses)

Well, I don’t and I am SAYING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! (This can be accompanied by you slamming your fist down on some convenient table.) Well, In fact, I am going to DO something about it! (slam hand on table again, but be careful to not hurt your fist.)

Hmm. Have you got any ideas? Well, I’ve got some ideas, I’m leaving to go fix this! AARGH! (if you feel that at this point you must leave, make sure you slam the door loudly!)

(This would be an ideal time to list off all the things that are wrong with the subject of your ranting. Make sure you don’t leave anything out.) So, now do you get it? Why it’s so ABSOLUTELY, TERRIBLY, HORRIBLE?

(You are going to look somewhat deranged now, so lean into your audience’s face and scream, WELL? Interesting results are guranteed!)

So, anyways, that’s why it’s so bad. As in, really bad. Like, maybe even worse than the apopcalypse! Hmm, well, actually, I don’t know. But the point is, it’s BAD. I mean, REALLY BAD.

(Your audience is probably getting sick of you yelling your rant, so when they leave, use this paragraph:) Hey, are you leaving, Why are you leaving? I wasn’t even done yet! I wasn’t even close to done yet! Hey! Come back, ________________-! (Continue to shout the like at the retreating audience until they con’t hear you anymore)

(If your audience isn’t done yet, use this:) So I think it’s really bad. It’s pointless and lame. It’s—-AUGH! You just don’t get it, do you? What’s wrong wit you? How don’t you get it? AUUUGGGHHH! (Now is the time to stomp dramatically from the room and slam the door hard behind you)

Now, you might want to drink some water and rest your vocal cords.


This post is about….

Hey. Let’s say it all together.



(If that yay is red, it’s because it apparently doesn’t want to change.)

So anyways, I mean, all of you who go to public school are starting around now, so I thought I would, um, express my thoughts on this seven and a half hours, five days a week, place.

First off, I must say that I started on August 6th, so while I have a little sympathy for you, I really don’t feel too bad. Sorry, but you’re getting a little, and that’s it.

Item 1: Teachers. Are your teachers nice? Most of mine are. I like most of them, and they’re great and everything, but our Language Arts teacher gives us WAY too much homework. I know they’re “preparing us for high school and beyond”. I get it. But this is the first weekend we haven’t had homework in it. Sad. My other teachers aren’t too bad. Math, well, you came to expect it, because it’s a new lesson pretty much everyday (except for quiz days)

Item 2: Schedule. We have exactly three minutes of passing time, and irritatingly, it takes a moment to pack up, then you have to go to your locker and blah blah blah. I’ll spare the details.

Item 3: Backpacks. Question. Do any of you have “no backpack” rules at your school? Because I want to hear about it. Our language arts teacher (who just keeps popping up in this post!) instigated it. She informed us that we were not allowed to have our backpacks in the classrooom, as they were, and I quote: “A distraction and safety hazard to learning.” This was met by our class thinking, Wait, what? We can’t have our backpacks? What? Why? But I need my backpack! At least, that seems like what we were all thinking, judging by our facial expressions. Then, two days later, the middle school teachers decided that the no backpacks rule was to be implemented in all the classrooms. I shall stop talking now and let you imagine the horror.

Item 4: Homework.

Enough said.

Item 5: Lockers. My locker is teenier that it seemed last year, somehow. Not sure why. I think it’s because of the backpack rule, and the fact that I have a binder for pretty much every subject and they’re 1 1/2 inch or inch. And we also have to fit in lunchboxes, gym clothes, etc, etc.

I think this is enough ranting about my school, so here are some questions.

Do you agree/disagree/not really care about the above comments?


And most importantly,

are you even looking forward to going back to school?

We Do The State Fair (Part 1)

fair, So, before I begin another post, I have three quick announcements to make. The first is that since I am now in a regular school schedeule once more, I shall be posting ONCE A WEEK. I would simply love to post more, and there may be more than one post a week, as I may get more content material. The second is that I recently added a new feature to my blog, a chat feature. You can easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy go to the “Chat” Page which will be apperaing very soon and chat about the weekly topic, or just have a random chat! The third is that, there will be a new series coming on this blog soon. That’s all I can say, so stay tuned for news of that.

Alrighty. Post time.

Yesterday my family and I went to the State Fair, which is going on in our neck of the woods here. Anyways, I wanted to go all day, but the answer was no. So we went straight over to my dad’s work, he hopped in the car, and we went off to the State Fair. On the way there, traffic was a little slow, but I had fun looking at the city’s residents with signs that read, “Parking. $20.” Then I asked why would they charge so much, and was answered with this:

“They make thousands of dollars off of it. They could use it for a lot of stuff. They make so much money during the fair.”

Well, needless to say, that surprised me. Then, after a few minutes of thought, I decided that if I can ever do that….I will.

Then we found a parking space some seventeen blocks away, and parked, and started walking. Eventually we got to the fair. Yay! First we went in this building where it was all arts and crafts, and it was really good. I wanted to know if these people just sit around making stuff all day. The ribbons were really pretty, though.

Then we went into this building where it was 1/2 4-H projects and 1/2 people giving away free stuff so you’ll go to their college or buy a new window or whatever. Anyways, my sister got pretty much everything there was to offer. I did not. I got some Braille stuff including me having typed my name in Braille (AWESOME!) and some neat magnets, and a tree. I considered getting a fish magnet but thought that since I already have one just like it, I can just leave it there for some other person.

Then we headed out of there, and now we had the whole fair to enjoy. We enjoyed strolling through the masses of people and finally sat down somewhere where there was a dance company putting on a show. That was when we enjoyed our picnic dinner.

We kept walking. We all really were wanting to go on the SkyRide (which was like a lift at a ski hill, but not going up and down.) But it would have been super expensive for us to go, so, sadly, we didn’t. We just kept walking.

I think this is a relatively long post, and so now I’ll sign off. Watch for the Chat page and Part 2 of this, both coming soon!

Escalators and Other Modes of Mall Transportation

You know, I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but I have a fear of escalators. I was going to surprise you all and tell you what the phobia name is, but apparently there IS no official name for the fear of escalators. I expect that if it did have a name, it would be like, uh, snitzaphobia or something, although I would call it Escalatorphobia because, quite frankly, that makes a lot more sense than snitzaphobia because you actually know what I’m talking about. So long as I’m momentarily on this topic, here’s a handy-dandy link to a list of an awful lot of phobias. Who knows? It may come in handy someday. But, I’ll save the rest of that jazz for another post.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about transportation. In malls, to be exact. So, there’s the classic-walking. But that seems to get awfully tiring after a while, especially if you’re walking around the Mall of America for the WHOLE DAY, doing nothing but stopping where-ever you want and looking at whatever you want. Well, yeah, it’s a ton of fun, but goodness, you’re tired! (By the way, my mom says “Absolutely not, never doing THAT again!”)

But……..there are other modes, too. What about the elevators? Oooooh, I love elevators, especially the one in the Crowne Plaza in the city with the Gateway Arch. Well, truthfully, there are a few, but the best one is the one with glass walls. Then, you can watch the world shoot up or down! Fun, fun, fun.

Segways? I’ve heard there are some, but I’ve never seen one in use in the malls. They use ’em in airports, too, I’ve heard.

The kiddie cars? Those are pretty cool, but, honestly, they cost like, $5 an hour, which I am so not coughing up. Or you could use a wheel-chair or one of those motorized wheelchairs with the joystick and everything, but no offense, but they are not that appealing.

Finally, there are the escalators, which I think I will fall headfirst or backwards or something and crush my skull open, resulting in a horrific death scene, which I don’t want to happen. Ew. Blood and guts and everything. I have to grip the handrails very tightly, so that my knuckles turn somewhat white, and then I feel only so safe. What if I let go and fell? What if…….The list goes on and on.

So, there you have it. Mall transportation in a nutshell.