But How On Earth Did You Find Me With *THAT* Search Term?

I stole Nevillegirl and Miriam Joy’s idea about posting their search terms. (Check theirs out too, they’re incredibly funny and had me laughing to pieces.) I, too seem to have an awful lot of weird search terms so here goes.

dracula cape silver   As far as I know, he had a black cape. I don’t know anyone with a silver cape except Gandalf or Dumbledore maybe, to metch their beards.

annoying sister   Yes! I have one! Do you want her?

old junk and vocabulary   A lot of people seem to have those things, although not together I wouldn’t think.

funny love writing pictur   I haven’t got the faintest idea what you’re talking about, but by all means continue.

joke about junk drawers    Here’s one—-

Q: What did the junk drawer say to the cleaning cupboard?

A: NOTHING! Junk drawers don’t talk and neither do cleaning cupboards, silly.

better world    I want one too.

dandy children wallpaper   (And TWO individuals searched for that?)

funny happy birthday uncle quotes     Too many adjectives, my friend.

how to dessup a drawer inside    I don’t know. Why would you want to dress up the inside of a drawer, anyways?

tporry black      “No, I don’t know who that is, maybe Sirius does though.”

transportation inside the mall   Yes. It’s called legs.

free picture of mad man       Are you talking about this picture?

a short story about tomte    I haven’t written any, but that’s a great idea!

short story about octopuss     Yikes—a cat crossed with an octopus? That does NOT sound like a good idea.

dressing up a can of spam     I’m not even going to ask why anyone would want to do that.

television button     And what exactly would that be?

the junik drawer spell check software     Seriously? What is this supposed to mean?

a really short story about an octopus     Here you are, mysterious un-named searcher.

money is inside the drawer      Ooooh, really? Where? Can I have some?

story writing on funny pictures     Wouldn’t you want to write the story on a regular piece of paper, though? Why ruin the funny picture?

make the world a better please      Yes, I can try but I really can’t do it until I know what sort of better you want. Like, better books? Better cars? Better swimming pool diving boards?

address of modes mall     Are you a stalker?

malikiliki how to spell   You didn’t spell it right, but there’s about three people in the world who can so don’t feel bad.

halloween is over ???   Yes.

turnip *tomte    Last time I checked, I wasn’t a vegetable so stop calling me one.

Well then. I think I’ll just leave that for now and see if I get any more weird terms.

Welcome to the Boring Infomercial

Ohhh…this made me laugh. It’ll make you laugh too!

Girl Loves Zombie

We are (no so) very sorry to interrupt your (more important and interesting) TV show for BREAKING NEWS! (Nothing is actually broken… rarely!) Have you heard of the JUNK™?

Welcome to the Boring Infomercial

Well here is your one in a life time chance to get your hands (or foot and even tongue) on JUNK™!

JUNK™ is the most useless thing you will EVER purchase (this is the only true fact I will say).


Hard thing to swallow ain’t it?

That’s how I feel about my vitamins.

So as I was bragging, JUNK™ is sparkly.

AWESOME?!  I KNOW!!! I own two! No wait…27.

You can own JUNK™.

It is very simple.

Call a phone number, any. Don’t believe them (modest people) if they claim to not sell JUNK™.

Give the machine operator, Mr. Killer Robot all your credit card information, your home address, All relatives home address and…

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An interview with a bumblebee

This post is for the TCWT Blog Chain!

This month’s prompt is: Conduct a 10 question interview with one of your characters.

So, I have been bad recently and not been quality posts. (sorry) But, hopefully this one is here, and I’ve got an interesting post coming soon!

I am conducting this interview with a bumblebee, who was one my characters in a choose-your-own-adventures book.

Me: Hi, what’s your name?

BB: My name is it’s bumble bee.

Me: oh, okay. So you were in my story. Did you like that?

BB: I htought it was a cool story. Except there were too many ways to die.

Me: Oh, sorry, But that’s what happens. What was your favorite part of the story?

BB: My favorite part was when the two people died and I didn’t! I wasn’t even in that part!! (falls on floor laughing) gasp, gasp. Do you have any water?

Me. Yes. Here. Now, who would you reccomend this book to?

BB: I would reccomend this to anyone who likes to die (falls on floor laughing again)

Me: Do you have a laughing problem or something?!?!?!

BB: No.

Me: Oh. Okay. Now, tell me a little about yourself.

BB: Well, I was born on a Wednesday, and the sun was shining. It was a beautiful day. I had thirty brothers and sisters. Their names were: Marcy, Ben, Bob, Harry, Suzie, Leather, Fluffernugget, Boot, Honey—–

Me: Shut up!

BB: Patricia, Boondoggle, Kevin, Daisy—-

Me: Does anyone have duct tape?????

(awkward noises)

Me: Now, you can take the tape off. As long as you answer my questions. What do you think I should write about next?

BB: OMG!!! I know this!! I should totally go deep sea diving and get eaten by a great white shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Ooookay??? Now, where do you live?

BB: Are you a stalker? I live in a leaf house. It looks pretty awesome.

Me: That’s cool! But why do you have a leafhouse? I thought bumblebees live in honeycombs.

BB: No, that’s just all the stupid bees with no brain. All the rich bees live in leaf houses.

Me: Oh, now it makes sense! Now, for another question. You know, we’re running out of time. They have a time limit on these things, you know. What is your greatest ambition in life?

BB: Oh, that’s easy! I want to move to Hawaii and have a family reunion. It would be great.

Me: That sounds–


Me: And our time is up!! Goodbye!!!

BB: It was fun talking to you!!

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Happy Holidays!! And Birthdays!

My Swedish Goats!! (Technically, they're not mine, but who cares?)

So, here’s some things. Merry Christmas!!! Happy Hanukkah!! Happy Kwanzaa!!! And Happy New Year!

In spirit of Christmas, I thought I would put a poll on this post.

Oh, my sister’s birthday is tomorrow. Her birthday was good. We made stuffed dogs. They’re cute.


Happy Birthday, Sis, Mrs. Abbott, Next door neighbor and Uncle!!! (Don't worry. They're not all on the same day)














I was listening to the radio on the way to school on Friday. The host people on the radio were talking about this apparently hilarious video that was on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t know if any of you watch that. I don’t. So, I thought to myself, Hmmm. That actually sounds good! So I YouTubed it.

IT’S HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I thought, well, you might like to watch it too. So, without further ado……

After watching that video, (Yes, I do want you to watch that) Your brain must be dead. I suppose I’ll stop. See you later.

Thanks for listening. tomte

Random stuff

Yippee!!!!! Today is my church’s craft fair!!!!!

Wow. That was WEIRD. I wrote Yipppppeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! and the spell checker underlined it, ya know? And one of the suggestions it came up with was speech writer. Weird.

How many of you are Dancing with the Stars fans?????????? The remote is sitting next to me and I am tempted to watch the one I missed.

My dad’s friend is here! he says hi

I adopted a penguin!!! His name is turnip and he has 2 dreams: to fly and to be a rock star. I made the latter come true. He sang in front of all my other stuffed animals.

Who needs something fun to do with their dog???? I have something, take a paper compost bag and cut off the top. Then stick it on your head, you may have to hold it on, and make angry noises at your dog. This is very entertaining!!!!! I took a video of this while my mom and dad were doing this, it is hysterical and even more so because my laughing is SOOO weird I laugh every time. Worth a try, definitely.