We Do The State Fair (Part 2)

So where we left off, we were just aimlessly wandering around the fairgrounds. Although it must be mentioned that I saw a chicken van. It was the Gold’n Plump One, and I just had to take a picture. (This isn’t the actual picture I took, though, because this one is alot better.)

The Gold’n Plump Chicken-mobile!

Then we somehow arrived at the little kids farm tour thing, you know, with all the baby animals and stuff. But it was closed, which made my sister sad, and me feel relieved because the next thing we did was alot better than Little-Kid-Farm-Bananza.

What’s that next thing, you say? Why, it was a police K-9 Unit! It was so awesome. First, the dogs sat and watched their handler, then lay down, and then just stood there. I was blown away by even that. Although my dog is somewhat well-trained, he could never do that. He would be jumping on the masses of people (who were also being blown away by the dog’s talent.)

Then this guy came out with one of those padded sleeves, ya know? Then the different police officers had their dogs attack him. And so the dog did. Their reaction was almost immediate! Then another guy came out in a full-body suit and the one dog was jumping on him and biting him all over. It was impressive.

The only downside to this part of the fair was that my foot fell asleep, really, really, bad. I was trying to walk and I literally collaspsed. I was kind of leaning on the bleachers and my mom at the same time. Luckily, in about five minutes, it woke up and we were able to go on.

Then we went down to the midway! It was loud, musical, and somewhat steamy from all the fog engines, and did I mention how LOUD it was? I and my family practically had to yell into each other’s ears. And it was getting dark, it was about 9:00 pm now. First, we looked at everything. Then we tried out luck at one of the everybody-wins sort of midway games. Needless to say, we failed. But that was ok, as we each got a um, smaller prize than the awesome ginoromo stuffed animals. Oh well, better luck next time.

Then I went on this thing that went up and down, and the little car SWUNG UP AND DOWN, LIKE SIDEWAYS. I was freaked out, and was holding on so hard that my knuckles turned white. (I didn’t want to fall out.) Then, of course, we went backwards…….I was so scared, But it was totally worth it, because I had a lot of fun too.

Then my sister used up her remaining ticket things on the carousel. I thought that was a lame way to spend her ticket things, but well, she wanted to. Sigh.

We also went down the giant slide, which was about 5 stories in the air. Oh my gosh, that was awesome! were my words after I got off. It had bumps and went at like, a million miles an hour, but it was FUN!

I think the only things left to mention were that we went on the Space Needle, which is the thing that goes into the air, high! I thought that we would fall and so I was a little freaked out, but luckily we didn’t. The view was great. I think we all enjoyed it.

Also, we went into the food builiding, which was hot and hard to breathe in there. But it smelled great!


The only depressing thing is that we didn’t see one single fair animal. Which was sad………

Oh well. We had a really sweaty a little scary dark short great time at the fair.

Craziness Plus Google Images

Today I’m not feeling all that creative, so I’ve started a new series:

___________Plus Google Images

Which is funny images from guess where: Google Images. (Gosh, I love that search engine.)

This is what happened when I wrote “crazy quotes” in the search bar.

So, there you go. I think another post with a wordcount over 50 will be coming before soon, and, I guess I’ll just post these whenever I need a laugh.

We Do The State Fair (Part 1)

fair, So, before I begin another post, I have three quick announcements to make. The first is that since I am now in a regular school schedeule once more, I shall be posting ONCE A WEEK. I would simply love to post more, and there may be more than one post a week, as I may get more content material. The second is that I recently added a new feature to my blog, a chat feature. You can easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy go to the “Chat” Page which will be apperaing very soon and chat about the weekly topic, or just have a random chat! The third is that, there will be a new series coming on this blog soon. That’s all I can say, so stay tuned for news of that.

Alrighty. Post time.

Yesterday my family and I went to the State Fair, which is going on in our neck of the woods here. Anyways, I wanted to go all day, but the answer was no. So we went straight over to my dad’s work, he hopped in the car, and we went off to the State Fair. On the way there, traffic was a little slow, but I had fun looking at the city’s residents with signs that read, “Parking. $20.” Then I asked why would they charge so much, and was answered with this:

“They make thousands of dollars off of it. They could use it for a lot of stuff. They make so much money during the fair.”

Well, needless to say, that surprised me. Then, after a few minutes of thought, I decided that if I can ever do that….I will.

Then we found a parking space some seventeen blocks away, and parked, and started walking. Eventually we got to the fair. Yay! First we went in this building where it was all arts and crafts, and it was really good. I wanted to know if these people just sit around making stuff all day. The ribbons were really pretty, though.

Then we went into this building where it was 1/2 4-H projects and 1/2 people giving away free stuff so you’ll go to their college or buy a new window or whatever. Anyways, my sister got pretty much everything there was to offer. I did not. I got some Braille stuff including me having typed my name in Braille (AWESOME!) and some neat magnets, and a tree. I considered getting a fish magnet but thought that since I already have one just like it, I can just leave it there for some other person.

Then we headed out of there, and now we had the whole fair to enjoy. We enjoyed strolling through the masses of people and finally sat down somewhere where there was a dance company putting on a show. That was when we enjoyed our picnic dinner.

We kept walking. We all really were wanting to go on the SkyRide (which was like a lift at a ski hill, but not going up and down.) But it would have been super expensive for us to go, so, sadly, we didn’t. We just kept walking.

I think this is a relatively long post, and so now I’ll sign off. Watch for the Chat page and Part 2 of this, both coming soon!

Harry Potter With Some Modifications

This post is for the TCWT August Blog chain. So I had a hard time picking the story. Mainly, it was between Harry Potter and Cinderella, and HP ended up with the top spot. So, here you are. Like it, hate it, or love it. (Although I’d prefer it if you love it.)

Porry Hatter and The Tuba Of Death

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Porry Hatter who lived at 1,987,372,586 Private Drive with his uncle, Uncle Onvern, his aunt, Aunt Petal, and his cousin Dud.

They were a perfectly normal family except fro a couple of things. First, Uncle Onvern, Aunt Petal, and Dud weren’t Porry’s actual family. They were just some random people who had taken Harry in when he arrived at their doorstep in a magnificent top hat, with a note saying, Please take care of Porry. He is a very nice little boy and will never cause you any harm. So the residents of 1,987,372,586 Private Drive took Harry in.

The second thing about them was that Porry was not a good little boy at all. He was the only naughty one among them, because Uncle Overn was gone half the time, selling thermometers in Peru or wherever. And Aunt Petal had to take Dud everywhere, because Dud was a famous tie supermodel, and he had a photo shoot nearly every day. So the result was that Porry got awfully bored, so he got into a lot of trouble! His favorite prank was taping the neighbor’s cat to a firecracker. But enough of that.

The third thing was Porry’s parents had been murdered by the Tuba of Death! Most people were awfully scared of the Tuba of Death, and only called it the You-Know-What. It was evil!!! Right now, it was in the Philadelphia Phil-harmonic Orchestra.

The two last things were the most important. First, Porry wanted revenge on The Tuba of Death for murdering his parents, so he became the best karate dude in the whole, entire, world. (That’s the second thing.)

So one day, Porry was walking along Private Drive, looking for trouble that needed causing, when he suddenly ran into someone, causing him to fall flat on his butt. Porry looked up, and the person he had run into looked like he was a million years old, he had a goatee, and really long hair that seemed to be floating off the ground. Oh, and he was wearing a three piece suit.

“Who are YOU?” asked Porry, stunned.

The old man laughed before replying, “Oh, I’m Bubbledore. I am the conductor of the Philadelphia Phil-harmonic Orchestra, and you are Porry Hatter. It’s nice to finally meet you at last.” Bubbledore held out his hand to Porry, who reluctantly took it.

There was a sudden buzz, in which Bubbledore jumped nearly up onto the roof, and Porry fell back, Howling with laughter. “Hand…..buzzer……always….works..” he choked out.

Bubbledore regained his composure and said, “So, Porry, I need you to come back to the Orchestra with me.”

“Me?” Porry stopped laughing, taken aback. “No way, Bubbledore! I have enough mischief to cause here.”

“Oh” sighed Bubbledore. “I didn’t want to take you by force, but I have not choice.” He whipped out a bag, and cracked his right knuckle. Porry magically flew into the bag, and the next thing he knew, he was being unceremoniously dumped onto a shiny new wood floor. He looked up, and there it was- The Tuba of Death.

Porry’s eyes narrowed. He quicky pulled out his karate black belt and crouched, ready to spring. The tuba did nothing. Porry crept quickly to the tuba. The tuba sprang into life. Out of nowhere, it grew legs and arms. It snatched Porry’s black belt, and Porry yelled “Hey! You thief! Give it back!” Bubbledore cried, “Wait! Porry Hatter!” but to no avail.

Porry ran after The Tuba of Death, which swerved this way and that. Porry ran on and on, but even karate masters’s don’t have as much energy as a Tuba Of Death does, so eventually he dropped into a street corner, and fell asleep.

He woke up to see two flutes with arms and legs standing over him. “Shall we take him?” asked the first. “Oh, yes. He looks like a lovely meal for the Master.” The flutes grinned evilly, and then Porry lost consiousness.

To Be Continued………………..

Oh, and you should read these rewritten stories, too. They’re all endorsed by Porry Hatter.

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Escalators and Other Modes of Mall Transportation

You know, I don’t think I ever mentioned this, but I have a fear of escalators. I was going to surprise you all and tell you what the phobia name is, but apparently there IS no official name for the fear of escalators. I expect that if it did have a name, it would be like, uh, snitzaphobia or something, although I would call it Escalatorphobia because, quite frankly, that makes a lot more sense than snitzaphobia because you actually know what I’m talking about. So long as I’m momentarily on this topic, here’s a handy-dandy link to a list of an awful lot of phobias. Who knows? It may come in handy someday. But, I’ll save the rest of that jazz for another post.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about transportation. In malls, to be exact. So, there’s the classic-walking. But that seems to get awfully tiring after a while, especially if you’re walking around the Mall of America for the WHOLE DAY, doing nothing but stopping where-ever you want and looking at whatever you want. Well, yeah, it’s a ton of fun, but goodness, you’re tired! (By the way, my mom says “Absolutely not, never doing THAT again!”)

But……..there are other modes, too. What about the elevators? Oooooh, I love elevators, especially the one in the Crowne Plaza in the city with the Gateway Arch. Well, truthfully, there are a few, but the best one is the one with glass walls. Then, you can watch the world shoot up or down! Fun, fun, fun.

Segways? I’ve heard there are some, but I’ve never seen one in use in the malls. They use ’em in airports, too, I’ve heard.

The kiddie cars? Those are pretty cool, but, honestly, they cost like, $5 an hour, which I am so not coughing up. Or you could use a wheel-chair or one of those motorized wheelchairs with the joystick and everything, but no offense, but they are not that appealing.

Finally, there are the escalators, which I think I will fall headfirst or backwards or something and crush my skull open, resulting in a horrific death scene, which I don’t want to happen. Ew. Blood and guts and everything. I have to grip the handrails very tightly, so that my knuckles turn somewhat white, and then I feel only so safe. What if I let go and fell? What if…….The list goes on and on.

So, there you have it. Mall transportation in a nutshell.