But How On Earth Did You Find Me With *THAT* Search Term?

I stole Nevillegirl and Miriam Joy’s idea about posting their search terms. (Check theirs out too, they’re incredibly funny and had me laughing to pieces.) I, too seem to have an awful lot of weird search terms so here goes.

dracula cape silver   As far as I know, he had a black cape. I don’t know anyone with a silver cape except Gandalf or Dumbledore maybe, to metch their beards.

annoying sister   Yes! I have one! Do you want her?

old junk and vocabulary   A lot of people seem to have those things, although not together I wouldn’t think.

funny love writing pictur   I haven’t got the faintest idea what you’re talking about, but by all means continue.

joke about junk drawers    Here’s one—-

Q: What did the junk drawer say to the cleaning cupboard?

A: NOTHING! Junk drawers don’t talk and neither do cleaning cupboards, silly.

better world    I want one too.

dandy children wallpaper   (And TWO individuals searched for that?)

funny happy birthday uncle quotes     Too many adjectives, my friend.

how to dessup a drawer inside    I don’t know. Why would you want to dress up the inside of a drawer, anyways?

tporry black      “No, I don’t know who that is, maybe Sirius does though.”

transportation inside the mall   Yes. It’s called legs.

free picture of mad man       Are you talking about this picture?

a short story about tomte    I haven’t written any, but that’s a great idea!

short story about octopuss     Yikes—a cat crossed with an octopus? That does NOT sound like a good idea.

dressing up a can of spam     I’m not even going to ask why anyone would want to do that.

television button     And what exactly would that be?

the junik drawer spell check software     Seriously? What is this supposed to mean?

a really short story about an octopus     Here you are, mysterious un-named searcher.

money is inside the drawer      Ooooh, really? Where? Can I have some?

story writing on funny pictures     Wouldn’t you want to write the story on a regular piece of paper, though? Why ruin the funny picture?

make the world a better please      Yes, I can try but I really can’t do it until I know what sort of better you want. Like, better books? Better cars? Better swimming pool diving boards?

address of modes mall     Are you a stalker?

malikiliki how to spell   You didn’t spell it right, but there’s about three people in the world who can so don’t feel bad.

halloween is over ???   Yes.

turnip *tomte    Last time I checked, I wasn’t a vegetable so stop calling me one.

Well then. I think I’ll just leave that for now and see if I get any more weird terms.

Dress Up As Junk

You may be wondering about this post’s title. It was inspired by a




It was inspired by a search.

So this post has been devoted on how to dress up like junk.

The first thing that you need are some clothes that you can toss after you dress up like junk.
I suggest the oldest, rattiest thing that you own, or any member of your family owns.

Then, go junk-hunting inside your house. Some good places to looks are:
-Trash and recycling
-miscellaneous drawer or whatever it is
-the garage
-the basement

Then, you’ll want to find some tape. I recommend duct tape or packaging tape.

Now, this is the fun part! You can take all of your junk and tape it to the clothes. Tape it everywhere!

It will look awesomely disgusting when you’re done, hopefully. I have never tried this yet, but sooner or later I will.

Now, put on your junk clothes! Model them, for your friends and family. They’ll love it or be totally grossed out, I’m not sure which.

I should also mention that this would be a great Halloween costume. Or for any dress-up for that matter. However, this may smell after a few days-especially if you have used garbage or recycling in your junk costume. Because of this, I recommend using it as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind junk costume!

Sorry about the spider interruption, but it is true. Perhaps the spider could go on my junk costume.

Now: If anyone wants to take credit for that search………..