We Do The State Fair (Part 1)

fair, So, before I begin another post, I have three quick announcements to make. The first is that since I am now in a regular school schedeule once more, I shall be posting ONCE A WEEK. I would simply love to post more, and there may be more than one post a week, as I may get more content material. The second is that I recently added a new feature to my blog, a chat feature. You can easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy go to the “Chat” Page which will be apperaing very soon and chat about the weekly topic, or just have a random chat! The third is that, there will be a new series coming on this blog soon. That’s all I can say, so stay tuned for news of that.

Alrighty. Post time.

Yesterday my family and I went to the State Fair, which is going on in our neck of the woods here. Anyways, I wanted to go all day, but the answer was no. So we went straight over to my dad’s work, he hopped in the car, and we went off to the State Fair. On the way there, traffic was a little slow, but I had fun looking at the city’s residents with signs that read, “Parking. $20.” Then I asked why would they charge so much, and was answered with this:

“They make thousands of dollars off of it. They could use it for a lot of stuff. They make so much money during the fair.”

Well, needless to say, that surprised me. Then, after a few minutes of thought, I decided that if I can ever do that….I will.

Then we found a parking space some seventeen blocks away, and parked, and started walking. Eventually we got to the fair. Yay! First we went in this building where it was all arts and crafts, and it was really good. I wanted to know if these people just sit around making stuff all day. The ribbons were really pretty, though.

Then we went into this building where it was 1/2 4-H projects and 1/2 people giving away free stuff so you’ll go to their college or buy a new window or whatever. Anyways, my sister got pretty much everything there was to offer. I did not. I got some Braille stuff including me having typed my name in Braille (AWESOME!) and some neat magnets, and a tree. I considered getting a fish magnet but thought that since I already have one just like it, I can just leave it there for some other person.

Then we headed out of there, and now we had the whole fair to enjoy. We enjoyed strolling through the masses of people and finally sat down somewhere where there was a dance company putting on a show. That was when we enjoyed our picnic dinner.

We kept walking. We all really were wanting to go on the SkyRide (which was like a lift at a ski hill, but not going up and down.) But it would have been super expensive for us to go, so, sadly, we didn’t. We just kept walking.

I think this is a relatively long post, and so now I’ll sign off. Watch for the Chat page and Part 2 of this, both coming soon!

What I Spend Money On

I couldn’t find anything to write about today, so I Googled “what should i write about on my blog” Which considerably helped, and I found a list of 100 Blog Post Titles(or something of that nature) on chrisbrogan.com. And this was one title that caught my eye and I said to myself, “Cool” . So. What do I spend money on. I get puppets and Pillow Pets. Even though those are technically for kids not in my age range, they’re amazingly soft and cuddly. Yes, I’m a dork when it comes to anything soft and fuzzy.

This is the most recent puppet I bought, a bunny puppet. I’m also a bunny freak, in case I didn’t mention that yet.

I have the pee-wee dolphin and the regular bumblebee Pillow Pets, in case you were wondering.

I also spend money on gum. However, since I’ll only eat Trident Original and React 5/Solstice and the minty UP2U, I don’t usually have that much. Plus, React and UP2U are thirty more cents than Trident, so that also adds. Funny Story–My birthday’s coming up soon, and my mom bought me a pack of gum that she was going to put on top of my birthday present. But she forgot to hide it, so I got my present about a month early. Which was totally great, especially since I didn’t have any more of that kind. OKay. Too much talking.

And going off that, when I get started, I just can’t stop. I often stop in the middle when I’m talking and say, “Am I talking your ear off?” My victim will either say, “Yes,” “You’re getting there,” or maybe just nod their head. Oops.I’m like that today, as you may be able to tell, because I’ve totally gotten away from the real topic and now I’m sitting here writing about talking. Ha. Funny.

Another thing that I don’t spend much money on but would like to if I had that sort of money is shoes. Shoes are amazing, anyone who says otherwise is required to eat a shoe. I looooove shoes! Typical, you may think. Yes, it is very typical, especially among teenaged girls. Another funny story-Last night I put on my lovely, comfortable, ratty old flip flops, an my mom told me, “Put on some real shoes.” So I said, “Oh, right, I forgot! I’m wearing my imaginary shoes!” Me and my dad just CRACKED UP. My sister and my mom just looked at us like we were aliens or something. It was funny, I tell you.

The last thing I’ll tell you about it pens. It’s the last thing because I have a pretty long post already and it’ll just get longer from here. I really like pens. Because we wear uniforms (UGH!) at our school, school supplies are a sort of status symbol. Plus, have you seen the pens they make nowadays? They’re pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I have a whole memory box filled with markers, pens, pencil, and other drawing tools. Oh, and a Ring Pop. It’s been in there for a while, and it’s probably getting old so I should most likely eat it soon.

OKay. My mom is kicking me off the computer and this is quite a long post compared to my usual standards, so I best be going. Let’s discuss this post in the comments. I’m sure you have something to say.

P.S. More awesomely awesome posts like these coming soon! (Wait. It was a good post, wasn’t it?)