Bored No More

Hi, bored people. You see I am bored a lot too and so I need things to do when I am bored. So I thought, Well, why not share it????? So here it is!

  1. Dress an inanimate object up and take pictures!
  2. Find a bug that does NOT fly (ex. ant) and make it an obstacle course! Then time it. This is also fun if you get more than one bug and have a race. Note, you may want different types of bugs so you can tell them apart =)
  3. Pick one thing and a room, lock your self in a room and see how long it takes you to go insane.
  4. Pick an animal and walk/slither/??? around for as long as you can do it. Bonus points if you give yourself a tail!
  5. Pretend you’re blind, you might want to have someone near you so you don’t fall down the stairs or anything
  6. Make a personality quiz. Then pick random celebrities and make up fake answers to the test. (If you do this, I want to see it!!!!)
  7. Learn to yodel
  8. Imitate someone you see often and see how long it takes them to realize that you’re impersonating them.
  9. Rename all the people in your family with weird names
  10. Find a squishy food. Go into the bathroom, and get in the bathtub. Then jump on the squishy food.
  11. Google weird poses and try to imitate them.
  12. Kill some flies and glue them onto a sheet of paper, or whatever you have handy. Then illustrate!
  13. Make up your own language. Then use it. (You may want to write a key)
  14. Rearrange something.
  15. Make a belly button cleaner!!! Stick a pipe cleaner in a straw, with some pipe cleaner still out. Insert. Clean.
  16. Make a pyramid. Of whatever you have lying around and need to get rid of.
  17. Type something with your toes. Then see if an unlucky victim can read it.
  18. Give yourself a tail. Then see what your dog does to it.
  19. Play the imagining game. Sit somewhere where there are a lot of people and imagine what they are doing.
  20. Don’t speak. At all. Or, have a sign that says, “I can only speak this word,________” and only say that word.
  21. Be a hairdresser. Put some dirt in a cup, then some grass seed. Wait for it to grow. When you feel that it is long enough then give it a haircut. Remember that grass never stops growing(unless it dies) so you can give it another even worse haircut next week!
  22. Create a cardboard city.
  23. Baking soda volcano. Especially fun if you make a really amazing volcano.
  24. Google yourself. Then, enjoy finding out about people who share your name but none of your personal information!
  25. Find out what type your blood is.
  26. Make a Jello creation
  27. Dress up stuffed animals and display them prominently in your house
  28. Watch a T.V. show and make a list of why the T.V. show is so awful. Then present the list to a friend you know likes that show.
  29. Make up a weird fun fact about someone. Then inform them of that fact. Interesting reactions!
  30. Peel a carrot until it is totally gone (I personally have always wanted to do this)
  31. Youtube werewolf circus (These are HILARIOUS! I guarantee it!)

Little Kid Shows

Well, we are supposed to be watching a t.v. show right now. And we are. But it’s one of the little kid shows that makes you wonder about the people who made that show….. Well, my sister likes it. But she is a little kid. So she doesn’t count. Let’s count why I don’t like these shows.

1. Bad animation. People with weird facial features, example bushy eyebrows. Strange looking people. OH, IT MAKES ME SOOOO ANGRY!!!!!! Okay, I just HAD to get that out of my system. Also, the show I am “watching” has people who the only teeth that they have is a triangle-shaped buck tooth that sticks out of their mouth. It is really unattractive and it is bugging me.

2. Cheesy plot lines. It seems the same thing always happens, which is that the main characters, which apparently they’re called heroes. I don’t think they are heroes. But according to the creators, they are. Well, what happens is that the characters get into trouble. They are about to die or have something bad happen when a character who you never see again saves them. Then they all live happily ever after until the next adventure.

3. When the main character, I am going to use Mickey Mouse Clubhouse here as an example. When the character asks you, like, What goes here??? this always bugs me. It looks so weird!!! What do the parents of the kids who like these shows think??????? When I am forced to watch these shows I like to give the characters weird answers and see them say, Yep, that’s right, it’s the yellow one!!! or whatever they say.

So, that is my opinion on little kid shows.

*Disclaimer*: Yes, I know it seems biased. But I am not giving the facts. I am giving my lovely, very own opinion. And you CAN, and might, disagree with me. I don’t care. And that is my disclaimer.