Welcome to the S.E.C. (Secret Evil Club)

we are evil and you are welcome to join

but not evil in a bad way

we are evil in a good way

president: Me

vice president: shonti

secretary: Nerdygirl98


evil checker who likes butterflies:

the twitter addicted bulldog:

evil guy who has 10 ways to destroy you: Girl loves Zombie

lady who’s only 3 inches tall and is a suck up to the president:

candy guy who is required by law to bring candy to the vice president, president, secretary and treasurer :

lollipop eater:

polar bear tamer:

guy who throws buckets of water on people at random times: LilliputianAndGargantuanIdeas

the slipper wearer:(likes to wear slippers)

Duct taper: (Duct tapes everything, including other people)

The guy who enjoys to bite people, hard.

this is a non doing club which means that we don’t do anything. but yes you are welcome to join and just leave a comment that says what position you would like. and your name.

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