You know l have quirks, but did you know about these ones?

First of all, Happy Easter!

Now, this post is for the TCWT blog chain. Yeah.

What are some of your writing quirks?

Mainly, l’ve got three.

1. Installments. I really don’t like writing on paper, so if I come up with a great idea, l write it down on a “note ” on my iPod touch. And just keep doing that. And doing it. And doing it. And you get the picture.

2. Reminders. Going off what I just said, sometimes I can’t write it instantly. I find a sticky note and stick it somewhere obvious. Then, when l am ready l can write it down. I told this to Allegra a while ago, when a post of hers was about it. But…….sticky notes are fun too!

3. l have no clue if this counts, but when lm typing, l get distracted. very easily!!Believe me its not a good thing!(As in, I go off to pet my dog)


I hope you like the original TCWT. blog chain picture I created! (l can make one for you too!! Leave me a comment under the page Blog Tags ) It was fun to make too!

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