I Had A Dream (TCWT Blog Chain October)

What are you writing for NaNoWriMo? Briefly explain how this book idea come about. Then write a mock first page for the novel.

I am going to announce this right now. I am not doing NaNo. Sorry. You should know from here that I cannot write novels. (Sorry if the link ends up somewhat messed up-I am using a different method to write this.) But anyways.

I had a really great dream the other night. I don’t remember mich of i now, but it was two creatures (I was one) and we were trying to save this other creature from the wrath of the monster. We lived behind a shopping cart. I got more ideas for the short story I am currently writing from there. To think about it, I get a lot of my ideas from dreams.

Right now, the short story is entitled “The Memory Society” and here’s my blurb or whatever you call it.

Fourteen-year-old Meli lives in the futuristic world of The Society. The Society can be kind, and usually is. However, each member must go to the Society’s headquaters to do ‘something’. Nobody knows what it is, except for a few high-ranking officials. When Meli is taken to the headquarters, she is abandoned somewhere. She finds a mysterious note reading, ‘Memory distraction sucess. Get every society member before the’ and a tear leaves the rest of the note gone. Puzzled by the note, Meli escapes with the note. As she combs the streets of the Society, she realizes the Society is on the brink of civil war and destruction. Unfortunately for Meli, the Society doesn’t want her to find the truth-they want Meli dead. Here is the extraordinary story of a girl out to save her world.

Helpful critiques are welcomed on that.

Aaaanyways, that’s pretty much the basic premise of the story……so far. I may change it, as sometimes I write a short story-only to discover that it already mirrors another, published story. It was depressing when that happened the first time.

Some of the other characters in this story are Ivan, who’s going to be somebody whom I haven’t figured out yet. There’s Rosalie, Meli’s little sister. Jennalyn, Meli’s neighbor who first teaches Meli about going to the Society’s headquarters. Member0H412, aka Humpfrey, works for the Society. And the Society Leader, who is the villian, well, main villian. You’ll see there will be more than one.

I plan to publish this short story on my blog when it’s done, maybe submit it to The Trivial Typewriter.

Now you are probably wondering what, exactly happened to my mock first page. Alas, I don’t have one. (Yes! I finally used ‘alas’ in a blog post!)

Why? The trouble with beginnings is, they’re the beginning. Beginnings stress me out because it’s got to be interesting or the reader won’t want to read it! This is why I like the middle the best.

So what do you think of my blurb? And unwritten story/first page/idea/whatever?

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P.S. To my usual readers-I have been taking a much-needed hiatus from blogging. But don’t worry! I’ll be back soon with more of my nerdy awesomeness! 😀

Edit: This was published a day early due to my being not sure that yesterday was the 14th or not. I hope you liked it anyways.


10 thoughts on “I Had A Dream (TCWT Blog Chain October)

  1. Hmm, a very interesting proposition there. I feel you could be a little more specific about the “somewhere” that Meli is abandoned in though. Also, you may want to watch out of falling into the typical “benighn dicatator turns out to be evil” type plot. Keeping your moral areas grey is a good way to do that, and to be honest even the littlest things can keep everything interesting. Just watch out that you don’t wander too much into “1984” or “The Hunger Games”.

    Nevertheless, it sounds like a fascinating proposition! I wish you every bit of luck with it 🙂

    • Thanks for all of the advice! Yes, I think I’m going to want to read up on 1984 and the like, purely for research. The leader, right now he’s somewhat insane but comtrols everything. This is why everybody gets taken:they have their memory taken so they don’t know the Society is falling. Thanks for all the help! I’m still young for a novel, so help from you all is really helpful 😀

      • Not a problem! Sounds like an interesting villain you have there – make sure he doesn’t jump off the deep end into moustache-twirling maniacal cackling though! Unless you want him to do that for a purpose . . . you get my drift.

        As for reading 1984 and such, I’d really recommend it. It’s one of my favourite genres – dystopian, that is – though it may make you scared of just about everything in existence for about a week, haha!

  2. Oooh, interesting! If I can make one critique, I think your blurb is a little too vague. Where is “somewhere”? And also, if even if people don’t know exactly what happens to people in the Society, wouldn’t there at least be rumors? Just a thought. Good luck with this!!

    • Oh yes………I read it again and it is a little vague. Hm. I need to work on that. Also, the rumor idea is a good idea! Thanks for the critique/ideas! 🙂

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