TCWT, Writing, And A Funny Picture


First, that was found randomly on the internet by yours truly and was laughed at, then posted onto the next post for you all to see. Even if you haven’r read Harry Potter, it’s a bit of ironic humor that can be gotten by most people.

So, you may be wondering about the title of this post, and let me tell you why.

Recently, I have been thinking about TCWT a lot, probably due to the fact that the September blog chain topic was just announced. (And no, I haven’t signed up yet, I’m still thinking about it.) Anyways, I’ve been thinking about how most of these prompts are about, um, writing.

Well, that’s to be expected, but to be honest, I am not your average TCWT’er. (Sorry to stereotype, but it’s the only way I can explain this.) The average TCWT’er is actually writing a novel. I write more comics, short stories, and blog posts. Currently, I have two short stories that I’m working on, the first one is called “Brains vs. Evil Ones: Book 1. Playing Tag with Evil Ones and Other Fun Stuff. You can access the first chapter of it here.

To really understand it, you will have to click around the site a little, but hopefully you’ll get the gist of it.

The other one is a remake of The Hunger Games, which is based off of what you saw/clicked/read at the site linked above. It’s going to be interesting.

But anyways. I just don’t get it. I seem to be cursed with the ability to think of a great idea for a story, then miserably fail at actually write it.

Example-So I was thinking about something where this girl goes into a alternate world, then have to save the world or something. Of course, then I read Coraline, and dropped the idea because they were so identically close. Sigh.

Another example-When I was younger, I wrote a five-page “journal” about this girl. It was so incredibly lame and stupid. Here’s some exerpts, so we can all laugh at it.

I am so excited! My birthday is tomorrow! I must go plan the small bits that are left! I will fill you in on my party tomorrow, dear Journal. By the way, Brenda’s horrible cold has gone so we will be having my party at the park.

Tomorrow Grandpapa arrives from Mankatoe, a city not far from here. Grandpapa will be oh so proud because Brenda just lost her first tooth. Aunt Henna will be escorting Grandpapa to our home, because he is old and frail and we do not want him to die on his way here.

So, now that you know what sort of a young writer I was, we can dig on this deeper.

I just don’t get it.

My brain is creative.

My brain is working.

I like to write.

I like to write fiction/science fiction stories.

So why can’t I write a novel? I think I just don’t have enough stamina. I write for ages, and ages, then I’m on Chapter…..2. And I still have who knows how many chapters left to write?

For this reason alone, I have a lot of respect for authors whose books are really big, because, just think if what they went through for just that one book. I mean, I could never, ever, do that, never in a million years.

Also, I think another one of the reasons is that a lot of the ideas I think of are pretty much cheap copies of another book. Like, for instance, I wanted to write lots of books about wizardry after I finished the Harry Potter series. Or creepy dystopian novels after I finished the Hunger Games.

*shrugs* Oh, well. At least this blog I am able to rant to all of you about why I will never write a book over 200 pages long, why I have a creative mind, and why fate keeps getting in the way of all the other stuff.

This has been a semi-literate post about my novel-writing.


Edit: Because the picture is apparently being irritating and not showing up, click here to see it.


5 thoughts on “TCWT, Writing, And A Funny Picture

  1. There are a lot of different kinds of writers. One writer I respect a lot is a web cartoonist. Another one is a puppeteer. Not all writers write novels, and don’t feel obligated to do so. I do encourage you to try different things, but if something doesn’t work, don’t force it to. Do what you like, but like what you do.

    • That’s good advice πŸ™‚
      Mostly, my problem is writing alot (as in novels, stories, etc.) Although, I enjoy making comics.

      P.S. I didn’t know a puppeteer was a writer! That’s cool! πŸ™‚

  2. Ditto with what Liam said! We all have our strengths, and by experimenting and exploring, you will find yours. If writing a novel is truly your goal, then be patient with yourself. It can take a while. Though I’ve written all my life, it took me decades to complete a novel. Since then, it’s been 4 more years and a second novel before I learned enough to have something I felt ready to publish. (I am working on the final polishing with a professional editor now.)

    One thing that changed things for me was my pre-planning. I was a panster before b/c I knew no other way. But I learned about outlining, and that’s when things came around for me. I started jotting scenes onto index cards as I thought of them. Eventually I could put the cards in order of where they belonged in the story, and that started to show me a more detailed overview. When I saw something wasn’t right, I could simply add or remove a scene, or even switch them around.

    On your other concern… to have a story idea with some things in common with another story is okay. Now, you don’t want to copy it, of course… but try re-thinking the idea with new twists and turns. A similar situation can play out in a totally new way with a different cast of characters, different backstory, different setting, different stakes. I mean, just how many “boy meets girl, and they live happily ever after” stories do you think have been written? Probably millions. Millions upon millions. But they keep selling to readers b/c of all the unique details, and THAT is only limited by a writers imagination.

    Best of luck to you. Keep writing! πŸ™‚

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