We Do The State Fair (Part 2)

So where we left off, we were just aimlessly wandering around the fairgrounds. Although it must be mentioned that I saw a chicken van. It was the Gold’n Plump One, and I just had to take a picture. (This isn’t the actual picture I took, though, because this one is alot better.)

The Gold’n Plump Chicken-mobile!

Then we somehow arrived at the little kids farm tour thing, you know, with all the baby animals and stuff. But it was closed, which made my sister sad, and me feel relieved because the next thing we did was alot better than Little-Kid-Farm-Bananza.

What’s that next thing, you say? Why, it was a police K-9 Unit! It was so awesome. First, the dogs sat and watched their handler, then lay down, and then just stood there. I was blown away by even that. Although my dog is somewhat well-trained, he could never do that. He would be jumping on the masses of people (who were also being blown away by the dog’s talent.)

Then this guy came out with one of those padded sleeves, ya know? Then the different police officers had their dogs attack him. And so the dog did. Their reaction was almost immediate! Then another guy came out in a full-body suit and the one dog was jumping on him and biting him all over. It was impressive.

The only downside to this part of the fair was that my foot fell asleep, really, really, bad. I was trying to walk and I literally collaspsed. I was kind of leaning on the bleachers and my mom at the same time. Luckily, in about five minutes, it woke up and we were able to go on.

Then we went down to the midway! It was loud, musical, and somewhat steamy from all the fog engines, and did I mention how LOUD it was? I and my family practically had to yell into each other’s ears. And it was getting dark, it was about 9:00 pm now. First, we looked at everything. Then we tried out luck at one of the everybody-wins sort of midway games. Needless to say, we failed. But that was ok, as we each got a um, smaller prize than the awesome ginoromo stuffed animals. Oh well, better luck next time.

Then I went on this thing that went up and down, and the little car SWUNG UP AND DOWN, LIKE SIDEWAYS. I was freaked out, and was holding on so hard that my knuckles turned white. (I didn’t want to fall out.) Then, of course, we went backwards…….I was so scared, But it was totally worth it, because I had a lot of fun too.

Then my sister used up her remaining ticket things on the carousel. I thought that was a lame way to spend her ticket things, but well, she wanted to. Sigh.

We also went down the giant slide, which was about 5 stories in the air. Oh my gosh, that was awesome! were my words after I got off. It had bumps and went at like, a million miles an hour, but it was FUN!

I think the only things left to mention were that we went on the Space Needle, which is the thing that goes into the air, high! I thought that we would fall and so I was a little freaked out, but luckily we didn’t. The view was great. I think we all enjoyed it.

Also, we went into the food builiding, which was hot and hard to breathe in there. But it smelled great!


The only depressing thing is that we didn’t see one single fair animal. Which was sad………

Oh well. We had a really sweaty a little scary dark short great time at the fair.


So whaddya think?

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