The Sock Monkey Stories

Shonti and I are making a movie together, and it’s called The Random Movie (so far.) We like to make movies, and this one is basically a bunch of skit-like movies all smushed into one DVD. Yep, it’s gonna be pretty awesome! One of our mini skits is a preview for a horror movie we invented. I thiught of the big idea and we both edited it till it was good and scary. Our motto? The scarier the better. And this one is scary no doubt. This horror movie, in a nutshell is a girl throws away some toys. One toy that she throws away is a sock monkey. And the sock monkey gets mad……and he wants revenge. It’s so good, last night we couldn’t fall asleep because we thought the monkey was gonna get us. We were like SO freaked out. Okay. Well, enough of that. So, I had this (really brilliant!) idea. Ready? You want to hear it?


Are you sure?

Okay; fine, fine, I’ll tell you.

We should have a CONTEST!!!!!!!!! Yes, like a real live contest. If you’re still interested, (why wouldn’t you be?) read on.

Time: Submission dates begin June 24 and end July 1. Submissions entered early or late will not be judged. The results will be posted on July 11.

Results: They will be announced on July 11(like I said before) There will be a first, second and third place. Each winner gets a lively badge to put on their blog! (No, you can’t have an e-book. I don’t have connections like TCWT does.)

Submissions: Send an email to my email. I’ll put it down at the bottom of everything. In the email, what should be inside is: Author’s name (Whatever you want showing up when I write BlahBlah by ……..), your favorite color, and the story COPIED AND PASTED! into the body of the email. Please put “Sock Monkey Story Contest” in the subject, and make sure your story’s title is where I will notice it. You should get a confirmation email; just to let you know I got your submissions and will be judging them soon. You’ll most likely get that email on July 29 or 30.

What to write about: Here are the three rules yiu must follow. 1. There must be a sock monkey in the story. 2. The story should be about 100-500 words. (A little more is fine, like fifteen-ish more) 3. Any not following these exact rules will be Disqualified, (so follow them!)

So, if you have any questions, leave a shoutout below in those lovely comment boxes. And that’s it! Unless, of course, I’ve forgotten something. (And which I probably have!)


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