Dress up!!!

*Sorry to my followers. It’s the end of the school year, and I have so many projects going on, it gets harder to blog by the day. Don’t worry, on June 13 school ends and you’ll have another non-ending stream of ME again :)*


Right now, your favorite teen psycho is wearing the best dress-up thing EVER: A cape! It’s the bestest cape ever, too because it’s red and has one of those things that are on the collars of vampire cloaks……

See? The thing on the neck????

I have no idea what it’s called, I don’t even know if it has a name. Okay. I’ll name it, we’ll call that from now on….uhhhh…..OBBLJOBS! Those are now forever, named OBBLJOBS!!! But I don’t like OBBLJOBS, so mine is folded down. Also, the best part, the VERY BEST part is how you go down the stairs and it swishes out from you! OHMYGOSHHH!! so very fun! Also, this also works if you go around a corner very fast and the cape whips around. I strongly advise you to go find your handy-dandy red cape, complete with an OBBLJOBS. (Vampire teeth optional) And try it. If you’re not lucky enough to have that, go buy one. And if all else fails, make your own. Get a blanket…oh, you should know how to do this. I’ll wait. Go do it. Seriously. And if anyone asks what in the world you are doing and you’re going to break something so go sit down blah blah blah….Tell them that the crocodile from Pac-Man did it, and he was really cool, so you are imitating him. This is a very effective strategy because:1. There is no crocodile from Pac-Man. 2. Your teller-offer will have to think about that one, so it leaves you to do your cape-swishing in peace. However, I am not responsible for any trouble you might get in for breaking something or whatever. That’s your fault. No saying, “Tomte told me to do it so ha its not my fault” because then you might get in more trouble for *talking back*. *Talking back* is a huge confusion to me, by the way because if you reply to anyone, like you say, “Hi!” and I say HI back, that’s talking back, if you think about it. Also, don’t try that on a parent either. More trouble. BUT, if you DO feel like some trouble would be good for you, then do everything I just mentioned.


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