I <3 My Little Pony!

As you may have read on the title, I ❤ My Little Pony! I'm not entirely sure why. I was sick (I published a post about it as you may remember) and I remembered that some girls in my Computers class were watching it and laughing hilariously. So I thought to myself, I should watch some. See if they’re any good. So I YouTubed it. And watched one. And another. And another. And I learned, They’re addicting!! I’ve watched about 1/2 the episodes on YouTube already, Fluttershy is my screensaver, A pic of all the ponies is my phone lock screen, etc, etc. It’s pretty safe to say, I’m obsessed.


There is nothing bad I could say about this show. The graphics are pretty good, for a show like this, and the show doesn’t have a horrible storyline (like some others I could mention) and teaches little kids good values like honesty kindness etc. Oh, and they make you laugh and they’re good for a twenty minute time waster.

That sure sounded like I was preaching about how great it is, blah blah blabbity blab. Me is sorry.

Thanks for listening.

Tomte, the teen pyscho.


3 thoughts on “I <3 My Little Pony!

  1. Okay, I literally read the title and a squealed!

    A fellow pegasister! Yay! You’re only the second one I’ve ever met! Have you found out about the fandom yet (bronies)? There is some seriously cool stuff we create.

    Also, Equestria Daily is good to check out for news and stuff. A good place to start. 🙂

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