onomatopeia and spelling in general.

clip, slurp, fart, ding, are onlmatooeia.

No matter that i spell it wrong every time. See thats the unfair part of onmatopiia. You can easily spell: fart, sploosh, click. Just to name a few. Unfortunatly you cant spell onomatopeia. Unfair, english langugage inventers.

Did you konw taht eevn if i mses up the ltertes in the mdlide, you sltil konw waht it syas?? wired, rgiht, hmmm? Lkie the fcat taht i hvae two polilw ptes. mbaye i suhlod awyals wtire my pstos lkie tihs, lkie a scteret cdoe. . . .

my question is for you. Have any of you wonderful lovely followers and visitors ever read the Warriors series? (They are great books!) I just finished reading all of them. Your input is valued! (Ugh, that sounded like a really bad and cheesy advertisement!!Oops.) But really, you should comment.

Also, what have you thought of my posts lately! I’ll admit, I have been lazy, but I plan on trying really hard to post more like this. But I do have another TCWT post (yes, another) and a guest post from a rabbit with no name coming soon. Maybe after you hear from him, you’ll have a name for him. He’d kinda like one.

That’s it for tonight, folks. I’ll talk more later, don’t you worry.


4 thoughts on “onomatopeia and spelling in general.

  1. Nope… I never read the Warrior series. Sounds like you really liked them.

    Oh, and I think your secret language is a great. There were only a few word I couldn’t figure out.

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